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The game offered two options. The first was a juice reward that was guaranteed, but usually small. The second was a gamble: It might bring a lot of juice, or none. The monkeys moved their eyes to indicate their choice in each round. "They're always tempted to go for it," Stuphorn says. "They're going for the big win every single time," even when safe bets would have won them more juice overall. How People Learned To Recognize Monkey Calls Reveals How We All Make Sense Of Sound Stuphorn's team suspected that this preference for long shots was linked to activity in a small area of brain in the prefrontal cortex that's involved in eye movements. When a monkey won big, brain cells in this area got really active. But that jump alone didn't prove that these cells were affecting the monkey's behavior.

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Ive been lucky in my life, lucky in my career, lucky to have a loving family. But, when it comes to gambling, if I bought a turkey farm sure as hell theyd call off Thanksgiving. I think being a good gambler is all about attitude. You have to think youre going to win and be surprised when you dont. I dont have that.

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